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    CRT Fetish Thread

    I actually had to do the same thing and get a Extron RGB 202 Rxi (pretty cheap too). My JVC CRT is picky about the sync signal and had distortion along the top from the RGBHV signal generated by my 15KHz Mame PC. I've yet to set up the box but I'm glad to know this worked for others. AM2R looks...
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    Any Solid SCART Switches Out There?

    Extron switches use the 5 screw Phoenix connector. They tend to be blue in color, you can see a few connectors with plastic tails in the pic Yodd posted on the last page. You can actually make your own RCA audio connectors. I made a few shoddy ones before I lucked out on an eBay seller with...
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    CRT Fetish Thread

    I run GroovyMame and it's flawless. Saw a video of a guy running a game on it alongside real hardware with no difference whatsoever. My one issue now is how to set up the frontend. I'm mostly fine with Attract mode, but how do you do a simple search for a game? I can't type "s..p..a" and have...