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1995 Neo Geo World Vol. 1 Scan - PDF Download 2021-04-07


Neo Geo World was a 3 volume magazine made and published by Softbank in 1995 for Japan only. It was one of the three Neo Geo related magazines that got released around the same time in 1995. You had Neo Geo Freak, Neo Geo Tsushin, and Neo Geo World magazines to choose from. While Neo Geo Freak and Neo Geo Tsushin were both under 600 yen, Neo Geo World Vol. 1 was almost 1000 yen. While Neo Geo Freak and Neo Geo Tsushin had most of the magazine focused on the new titles coming out, Neo Geo World offered a wider variety of content. They had information about the new releases as well, but there was also a good amount of the magazine dedicated to the titles that had already been released, as well as Neo Geo related news, game tips, and move sets.

Nowadays, the Neo Geo World magazines are difficult to come by, with sets of the three rarely going on sale even in Japan. Finding them individually can be easier, but it still proves difficult to complete the set. I happened to own two copies of Vol. 1, and one copy of Vol. 2. Since none of the Neo Geo World volumes have been scanned, and I owned a double of Vol. 1, I decided to disassemble the magazine and scan it in its entirety so that the community can enjoy it without tracking one down and importing it. There's lots of great artwork in here and plenty of small features on many Neo Geo titles. It's a very well rounded Neo Geo magazine in my opinion. There's even Neo Geo curry.


PDF Download - 900MB - Full quality, no compression:
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