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Final Romance 2 NGCD prototype footage found on VHS


I purchased this VHS from Yahoo Auctions recently, not knowing anything about it other than what the label said on the tape and a photo of the footage that the seller provided. The label on the tape says something to the effect of "Neo Geo CD 'Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2' This video was taken in the middle of development". I didn't know if it was an in store promo, an early commercial, a video with just gameplay footage, or something else. I wanted to find out and document what was on it, though, so I scooped it up.

As it turns out, the VHS has 12 minutes of gameplay from what looks to be an early build of the game. There's changes throughout the game, including:

A different Video System logo that's missing audio

A different start screen (different gradient, different girl, missing Video System info)

Changes to the attract mode loop

A different "confirm" noise (can be heard when "Game Start" is pressed")

Starting the game, you get a different girl than the final version

User interface changes (command menu in game, points displays say You and Gal)

Not all of the girls win images are present/shown

Now, I'm really not too sure where the VHS originated. I would think Video System recorded it, but the label doesn't say. Could the footage have been used for advertising or a magazine feature? Possibly, I'm not sure. It's a curiosity to me, and if anyone has or has seen others like it then feel free to let us know.

Of course, this thread wouldn't be too fun without the video, so I recorded it and uploaded the raw footage for you guys to check out. If you wish to post the video somewhere else you're free to do so as long as you give credit and link this thread. The video is unlisted due to some NSFW content. Enjoy!

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