Aggressors of Dark Kombat Review

Aggressors of Dark Kombat Review

One on One Fighting



Players: 1 or 2 player
Type: One on One Fighting
Size: 178 Megabits

This is perhaps one of the weirdest fighting games on the Neo Geo. It is a one on one fighting game, but the controls on it are different to any other game of its type. It controls just like a side scrolling beat 'em up (e.g. Sengoku), so apart from moving left and right you can also move up and down the screen. Just like most side scrolling fighters, you can pick up weapons from the floor to hit your opponent with, and you can break open some objects like barrels. You can also climb up onto certain places on some stages, such as cars. So far this probably sounds quite good, and it shows that the programmers were trying to be a bit more original than usual.

The graphics themselves are not too bad. The fighters look decent enough and the animation is passable, but far from outstanding. The backgrounds, which include a subway, a wrestling ring and even good old London itself, also fall into the same category. So overall, the graphics are just average.

The sound in this game is far worse than the graphics though. The sound effects are pretty feeble and unconvincing and the voices for each character aren't too good either. In fact I think that they have been ripped out of World Heroes. AODK is made by the same people, so I guess they are. The music isn't any better either, most of it just sucks and some of it gets plain annoying.

As far as the game play goes, this is just O.K. and nothing more. You get to choose from a selection of eight characters, including Fuuma from the World Heroes game I just mentioned. Once in game, all you really need to do is just hammer your buttons to beat your opponent. There isn't much skill involved, you just dodge out of the way of your opponents attacks and then jump in and connect with a couple of your own. Repeat the process and you will probably complete the game in no time.

The controls can actually be quite awkward to use though. You use A+B for punch and kick while C is used for jumping. The strength of your attacks is determined by the length of time you hold the button down for. If you tap it quickly it will result in a light attack, holding it down will result in a strong attack. Also, you only need to tap the D-Pad once in any direction to quickly run that way. That sounds fine, but quite often you will find yourself running wildly across the screen when all you wanted to do was move slightly. Problems like this make the game annoying to play. Even if you put the problems aside, the game isn't the best ever anyway.

I wanted to like Aggressors of Dark Kombat, because it is a nice idea and at least the programmers tried to do something slightly original. Put simply though, it just isn't enough fun to play.

Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 5/10
Game play: 6/10
Replay Value: 4/10

Overall Rating: 5/10
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