King of Fighter '98 Review

King of Fighter '98 Review


US Title:King of Fighters '98
Japanese Title:King of Fighters '98
Size:683 Megs
Home Release?Yes
MVS Release?Yes
CD Release?Yes

Graphics: 10Sound: 10
Gameplay: 10Overall: 9.5

Man, let me start by saying few fighters have reached the level of greatness this game has.KOF 98!!!!!! a great compilation to the others and with so many great faces who has arguments???? KING' 98 introduces the old and new in one huge event so lets get started!

CHARACTER LINE UP - 10 Excellent with so many great faces who can go wrong heck you can use the new face orochi team from 97 in both forms and others have alternate or original versions as well this game is pure "class" and deserves its perfect score. I was blown away at how many nicely animated characters they had its great to see old favs like rugal be resurrected again in this all out fighters fest, man what a treat this game is with so many characters to master you'll be in your house for days.


GRAPHICS-10 beauty perfection, a tear falls:) For those who don't know kof backgrounds and the neo in general are known for there gorgeous detail and work put into everything that is neo. I loved the backgrounds that had interaction with how the characters used them in example in the masters temple you hit the wall and stuff falls down showing the damage that you accumulated what a nice entry. All the characters look sweet from the last boss omega rugal to kyo and iori its intense kof and even competing with the "next gen systems like the dreamcast" a perfect translation was still not possible of the neo original you get what you buy!

MUSIC-10 Duh, perfect this is great the music matches the characters exactly, the end bosses them is great the ff teams is great and my personal favorite the grudge theme when kyo and iori are great man i love i love it i tell you!!!!!


GAMEPLAY-10 perfect again don't think I've gone soft and biased if you own this you know that this is one of the best kofs out there its got it all basically the characters moves are many and the comp AI is great on expert for beginners its amazing after 4 years this game still has such a fresh feel to it "gameplay is the ultimate would be an understatement" when you talk about 98' its the majorities favorite kof and for good reason the gameplay is a neo tradition and will keep you learning till you master!

STORY- 8.0 Ok, keep in mind that the story this game has is not a story at all characters like vice and mature are good examples (*for those that don't know when you iori whent violently nuts after his awakening he killed them both) of which they exist here and its also labeled dreamatch which means that this game was a collection of years past but the story which makes little sense is still enjoyable


CHARACTER INTERACTIONS - * a side note this is a new category * well there are great grudges between the characters and how they interact like kyo and iori its all there its nice to see the characters were taken so much time on and it shows because of how they act towards each other for example kensou and athena, andy mai, mary terry, its nice to see some interaction and makes you feel like the characters have feelings like people -very nice- snk

OVERALL 9.5 I cant resist this game is so good if you don't have it you should pick it up in any format and thank goodness its not rare on FC -thanks to the readers that get me to write and thanks to Shawn for letting the neo community express its thoughts and ideas- -LWK-
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