Metal Slug 2 Review

Metal Slug 2 Review


US Title:Metal Slug 2
Japanese Title:Metal Slug 2
Size:362 Megs
Home Release?Yes
MVS Release?Yes
CD Release?Yes

I will tell you right now, from my experience with this game, its definitely worth your time and money.

Lets get cracking.

Gameplay-10 Wow, another 10, for a neo title.

Metal Slug 2 is one kick ass action/shooter, it seems like your never safe from ongoing sprite insanity and the 10 speaks for itself, I have the neo cd and the loads are great, especially for the CDZ.

-You have the choice of 4 characters and my favorite Fio,(ohhh)
-The game incorperates some of the most insane action on screen, which the series is known for.
-You can choose from a aray of different weapons, and can eat till you grow fat.
-Bosses are more insane then ever (well maybe not as insane as 3 or X, but you get the picture) from huge tanks to alien insanity its all there.


Graphics- 10 We all know the review has become predictable. The graphics are simply amazing in prospect, you can see great animation in each moving person or object.
(Take a look at the suited guy who holds the paper) It is a sight to behold and is beautiful.

Sound- 10 From Gunshots to explosions, to human BBQ, its all there.
With such great sound it feels as though you are in a 2D mega war, brings you right in.
The music could not do the game more justice, simply put from my cd experience is excellent.
And is definately one of the CD's most beautiful ST's.

Replay-10 Its obvious why, slug leaves nothing to be desired as it incorperates the best elements to get your ass back to that stick/pad.
This is up there with KOF 98, the replay is excellent. The thought of exploding vehicles and Fio will have even the least fun people coming back for more.
Even when beatin, this game still brings you back.

Character Design-9.0 Great concepts this time around, with Fio & Tarma looking as kick ass as ever. When you see the characters on screen converse (enemies for example) it brings that feeling of dedication every SNK fan has.

Over All-I highly reccomend this game, from personal experience its great.
It has the lot of gaming enjoyment.
And a shooter fans shelves are simply disgraced not to have this bad boy up there, in any form.
Slug proves its ass again. And its your job to get it.
So stop reading this crap and find one, NOW!

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