Cost of living increases where you live


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Apr 20, 2007
Outside of Automotive, I hadn't really noticed.
Recently I saw it when I was grocery shopping. I don't really care about grocery prices, but I finally noticed some prices were 2x-3x what they were the previous year. Not going to break my bank, but I can see low income people would be angry/worried.

yeah, it was the gas prices that I noticed most. I was paying $500 a month to park at work, but when gas prices shot up I was also spending close to $100 per week on like $900 a month just to commute to work, which just seemed crazy.

A few weeks ago my wife asked me to pick up an order from the butcher. I have no idea how much food costs because she usually does all the shopping so I was thinking like $50 or $75...I get there and the guy was like $400 plz. I mean that was for 2 households, but I was still surprised. But she said it's been like that for awhile.

Heating is expensive but always has been. I pay my mom's heating bills as well as my own. Last year it was well over $10k between both homes. This year I'm sure it will be a good deal higher.

Stinks but oh well. All of that pales in comparison to property taxes :oops:
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Jul 25, 2012
The only thing I've really noticed so far is fish and chips. It's been a staple cheap meal here for a century, I got fish and chips for the family, 2 adults, 2 kids the other day and it was £45.


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Aug 13, 2001
I have heard ancedotally that insurance (auto in particular) has gone up. I prepaid for the year last March, so it will be interesting next year.

Otherwise, everything has gone up 20-50%, and in some extreme instances, 100%.