nick_th_fury has passed......


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Aug 13, 2000
It is with a heavy heart that I pass along the news that @nick_th_fury, better known to many in the Neo-Geo community as Trey, has passed away.

With the help of @Shawn late last night, I was able to locate an obituary for him:

Trey was extremely active in the Neo-Geo community in the early days of the internet, when the Neo-Geo was still alive and kicking. He was a frequent poster on the DHP mailing list, a member at DolphinsLord Yahoo Group, and a moderator here when the forums initially started in August of 2000.

Here is an archive of the Neo-Geo.Com forums from December 13, 2000:

Trey also had his own Neo-Geo website, displaying his passion for the Neo-Geo and also his talents as an artist. He was an extremely talented artist involved in the printing industry and making artwork for the Neo-Geo in Adobe Illustrator. Some of his work can still be found posted at Southtown Homebrew:

His website has been offline for a while. Here is a decent link that seems to have a majority of his Neo-Geo site:

I worked on a decent collection of Neo-Geo artwork with Trey, along with @JMKurtz some time ago. My recent posts in creative were fruits of that labor and collaborations effort. I am still digging through two decades of backups to see what other items can be recovered.

Trey was a great person. He will be dearly missed. May he rest in peace. Hopefully he is enjoying some rounds of Samurai Shodown V Perfect in the great beyond.



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Feb 10, 2016
Even though I didn’t know him from his time in the community, it’s saddening to see someone who was such a help and so well respected, pass. RIP.

Neo Alec

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Dec 7, 2000
My condolences to the family. A true legend of the Neo Geo community. I remember tons of positive interactions. What a thoughtful, caring guy. He will be very much missed.


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May 6, 2021
Rest in peace. My condolences to his family and friends. Way too young to pass away...


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Dec 26, 2000
This one hits a little hard. Trey was someone who was always around this hobby, dating back way before I can remember. I have several of his home brew inserts dressing up my MVS shockboxes, and remember loads of great interactions with him over the years. I guess it's inevitable that when a site, and community, has been around as long as this we'll start having more of these threads... but some folks you just figure are going to be there forever.

Didn't see this one coming. My condolences to his friends and family, and definitely feeling like the Neo community got a little smaller with out th_fury in it :cry:.

Big Bruno

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Aug 18, 2000
This is awful, I knew trey quite well and been out of touch way to long. He stayed at my house one year to see a concert and I would meet him in Dallas on occasion before heading to the super auctions. He also gave me the template for my mvs relabels. This is terrible news so sad to hear this.


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Aug 15, 2000
I just found out about this. Trey was a god damn great guy and a good friend. This fucking sucks...