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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    been a while, but here is one of my most recent gaming purchases... full MiSTer setup (de10-nano, sdram, io board)... thing is pretty damn cool
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    Redux is on Steam now Anyone try it yet? Pretty cheap, 25% off for launch. Apparently runs at 720 and 1080p. I'll probably pick it up despite having it on Dreamcast, just wanted to see if anyone had tried it out yet really.
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    Raiden V - Xbox One Exclusive Coming 2015

    Not exactly new news, but wanted to see if anyone else was excited for this? Would be good to see some gameplay I guess, but I'm hopeful it will be good. A friend thinks he spotted it listed in the Unreal Engine 4 dev boards, so if anything it'll look pretty awesome!
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    How do you guys have your systems displayed on shelves?

    currently a work in progress... just had this custom built to my own measurements... everything hooked up... everything usable at a moments notice using 3 switches and an xrgb on the LCD... CRT is only for using lightgun games so rarely used but still available if i want it newest consoles (ps4...
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    Infamous: Second Son

    Couldn't see a thread for this one so thought I'd start it. I'm hoping its the first game I get on PS4 that makes me happy I bought a PS4, lol I never finished the first 2, mainly due to getting distracted by other games... but I really want to like this game. I thought 1 was shit at first, but...
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    FS: Everdrive N8 72pin NES Flash Cart (NEW)

    Hey guys, I bought 2 of these for some reason but only need 1 so looking to sell. For more details on it check this page I haven't even taken it out of the bubble wrap it came in, but I'm happy to take pictures if needed. Looks just like on the retrogate page however (in shell, not just the...
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    Cyber-Lip Video corruption

    hey guys, any suggestions on if this is fixable? DAxQf46xLHw guessing it could be a bad solder? either that or a chip is bad? may just use the shell for something else
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    Opinions required on a few carts

    Hey guys, I'm a little over half way through checking my carts and I've got a couple that have me concerned... The first one I'm pretty sure is an obvious boot, but I'd like to be sure before I go after the seller (ebay)... Aero Fighers 2 - the chips don't match mvs scans, but it seems the...
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    long time aussie neo geo fan

    Hey guys, thought I'd do one of these intro threads for laughs now that I can... Just getting into MVS collecting, currently have about 20 or so carts and an Omega CMVS (love it!). Big thanks to this forum for pointing me in the direction of all the awesome that I'm currently enjoying. Could...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    the start of my MVS collection :)