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    Neo Secret Santa 2021

    Happy to assist, skate. I really miss doing the neo Secret Santa (ss) every year. Maybe next year we should get some armbands with the neo logo on them to show people we do the SS thing🤣 Happy Christmas, fellas. I’ll be back next year to participate in a more official manner 😅
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    Stealthlurker has passed away.

    oh my gosh.. my condolences to his family :(
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    Got a weird one here fellas.. Dreamcast MGCD wiring for a JAMMA edge connector...

    Gotta make a passthrough adapter for it. or buy a JNX atlas and modify pin 28 to account for “button 7”
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    WTB White Xbox 360 faceplate

    I’ve got one @Digmac. Shoot me your address in a PM.
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    WTB White Xbox 360 faceplate

    I might have one, lemme check my stuff. If I have one it’s yours for shipping.
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    Neo Geo games you never bothered playing...

    I've never played a majority of the neo titles. We didn't have a large neo scene when I was a kid. You either played Streetfighter or capcom beatemups or MK or KI. I only started getting into neo stuff when I joined the forum.. so.. yeah. also puzzle bobble is bad ass. the neo had a LOT of...
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    Fs: Sigma Av7000 supergun

    GLWTS, my dude :D
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    Stick case/body roundup

    All my good sticks have either been donated or traded to people here. I'm still rocking a Madcatz TE and TE2 I modded some time ago, though. They're tough as nails. As for empty stick cases, TRFightstick makes great ones, but they're in turkey so expect shipping to be up there. You can also...
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    It can be dangerous to be black and a legal gun owner in America

    can confirm. also, for a gun-free zone, it sure as hell has a lot of them.
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    It's been years since I've been here, but I'm strangely happy the worst place on the internet is still standing, especially with its insane history. Thanks, @Mouse_Master and the rest of the mod team.
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    How to make your own JAMMA SNES!

    necro bump, and honestly for my own benefit really, but the controller IC pinout isn't hosted anymore, so I'm going to upload it here!
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    I'm sorry, I went to mars for second. but I'm back now (and I got T-shirts for everybody!)

    well, 300 miles ain't shit if they need me there. I can drive to get to performances for school things and other events with very little issue. Given that their mother would rather watch me die than be in the same room with me (no hyperbole here, she's told me as much this past summer) being...
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    Vewlix cabs

    the L models can also be made/distributed by Chinese manufacturers so while they’re not technically bootleg, they’re bootleg quality. Make sure it has the ratio badge plate under the control panel. Regardless, they have 720p monitors (usually) some of the newer Chewlix cabs have 1080p monitors...
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    I'm sorry, I went to mars for second. but I'm back now (and I got T-shirts for everybody!)

    Thanks, man. I don’t think it’ll get any better anytime soon as she’s still hurling insults at me, even when I just want to talk about the kids. My goal is to be the best father I can be, even if they’re 300 miles away. As long as I put them first, teach them well, and provide a home where they...