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    Losing weight!

    Potato photos, but gives you an idea of the difference.
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    WTB Goldstar 3DO (GDO-101M)

    Hit me up if you got one to unload..looking to modify one with a 240p switch and RGB.
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    SSDS3 V1 Replacement Program is up
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    Audio Breakout RGB Cable - SSDS3

    If anyone is looking to keep their RGB mod functional and use the CD Audio through the SSDS3 I recommend this audio breakout cable from @Arithmaldor on twitter. It properly grabs the audio from the SSDS3 and the video from the console. Very professionally made with multi-core cabling and true...
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    Terraonion Support Forum up!
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    Terraonion Support Forum up!
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    PCE Super SD System 3 - Terraonion New Product (Dec 2017)

    This isn't jailbars. I've purchased a new PSU to see if perhaps my old one is that has been suggested as an issue (The SSDS3 and HD Retrovision cables requiring power)
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    PCE Super SD System 3 - Terraonion New Product (Dec 2017)

    I'm having zero issues with a Csync RGB cable through OSSC..I however am getting video noise (the same diagonal noise that happened on the Rev 1) through HD Retrovision cables. Not a huge deal to me as I am fine using RGB, but there is definitely a variety of outcomes still happening even with...
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    I'm out - More crap today! 1st post.

    All fixed thanks to Kiel. Super happy with the transaction.
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    I'm out - More crap today! 1st post.

    On the flip side it is a beautiful system conditon wise and the mod looks I dunno what is going on.
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    FS: THQ Nordic 15 dollar tier humble key for PS3/PS4

    for 10 bucks..forgot I already had it from last time. Probably US only.
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    PSA: Multicarts and Everdrives may be destroying our hardware This is a major bummer. Not sure where the Neo SD stands, but it looks like most 161-in-1s are pretty well garbage. (and most of the ever drives out there could be problematic).
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    Amiga CD32 w/ SX1 - Clueless as to what to do

    So I picked up an SX1 about a decade ago for my never used Amiga CD32 (NTSC version) and I do not have a keyboard and mouse so I don't know if the thing works at all and before I start spending money on it (buying a keyboard, mouse, scart cable, replacing the HD with a compact flash), I'd like...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Newest gets...I've only comes across an English version of Treasure Hunt once before...this one came from Italy.