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    Free DC Comics movies/tv shows (UV digital copies)

    Snagged Tenet..thanks!
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    SSD3: anyone else have issues with ACD games?

    Two units with he same issue to me sounds like a pc-engine with a noisy bus. As has been previously discussed here there are certain systems that don't play nice with arcade card games because the timing is so precise that and extra noise on the bus throws it off. Likely neither unit is...
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    PCE Super SD System 3 - Terraonion New Product (Dec 2017)

    Okay..let's talk about Arcade CD stuff since I had the opportunity to chat extensively with neodev about it. The RAM used for the ssds3 is a single 4MB chip. When arcade card games are used it uses the whole chip when other games are used it uses a smaller portion of the same chip. So the...
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    PCE Super SD System 3 - Terraonion New Product (Dec 2017)

    What are you talking about. CD Seek emulation is now in. The only games that aren't in sync at this point are the Sherlock Holmes games.
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    PCE Super SD System 3 - Terraonion New Product (Dec 2017)

    Popful Mail intro bug is due to the system card you are using. Change to the 2.0 card instead of the arcade card and that should fix it. It's not a bug with the SSDS3.
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    Losing weight!

    Potato photos, but gives you an idea of the difference.
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    Losing weight!

    Yeah..yay midlife crisis. Bought life insurance for the first time and went through (still going through) some marriage issues. Exercising is a good release for the frustration.
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    Losing weight!

    I've lost about 55 pounds in the last 7 months. Basically adding regular excercise and running to my routine, cutting out soda, and being more cognizant of what I eat. I'm 5'11", 155lbs and my BMI is currently 21.7. I went from a size 36 waist to a 28.
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    Getting out of collecting Pt. 1 & 2 - Saturn + PC Engine

    Kind of a weird request, but I've been dumping disc info for the redump project and Exile, Cosmic Fantasy 2, Valis 2 & Valis 3 are needed for the database. I'd be willing to pay for shipping to and from you if you are game. If not, that's cool too..redump doesn't distribute games, just...
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    WTB Goldstar 3DO (GDO-101M)

    Hit me up if you got one to unload..looking to modify one with a 240p switch and RGB.
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    Sega Dreamcast HDMI Mod

    Coming soon:
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    New Analogue console: Mega SG

    Super NT is shipping now. Sega Mg is shipping in April.
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    Happy Birthday RevQuixo

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    PCE Super SD System 3 - Terraonion New Product (Dec 2017)

    There are no new firmwares to download and that section of the website hasn't been updated yet to the new format anyway. Also, this sort of question is better suited for the Terra onion official forums (where it has been answered already).
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    FS: 3X Bandridge 5 Way scart Selector , Dreamcast VGA Box

    I'll take a scart switch..PM in coming. ...and paid.