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    Darksoft NG Multi is Released Feb 2018. Impressions Please.

    Likely the reason for needing 8 layers (and also accounting for the somewhat cluttered look) is that almost everything was squeezed onto one side of one PCB (2nd board merely passes signals to other card edge). I'm not saying that's the optimal layout, just that it's a fair amount of stuff...
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    Darksoft NG Multi is Released Feb 2018. Impressions Please.

    I ordered one. All the other DS multis I have work great (ST-V, CPS2/3, F3), so I didn't have much hesitation about picking this one up, too. DS has been good about fixing any issues found on the other products, so I'm sure he'll get this one dialed as well. That day 1 bug list is a pretty...
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    WTB: Street fighter 2 full kit

    If you don't mind a piecing together a franken-kit, boxes, manuals, & art pop up on Yahoo Japan Auctions regularly. If you are after a factory kit w/ matching serials and whatnot, you are getting into no-mans land where you are at the mercy of the seller's whim on pricing. -ud
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    This is becoming the Mighty No. 9 of the NeoGeo :( -ud
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    WTB/WTT: Rockman/Megaman 1 CPS2

    On the lookout for one of these. If you have one and are interested in other CPS2 games, I have almost all of them and would be willing to part with one or more in trade for Rockman/Megaman 1. I do have the CPS1 Rockman/Megaman 1, which I could work into the trade so that you still have the...
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    Lost Neo Geo Prototype FOUND, REVEALED & RELEASED : "DarkSeed"

    I love stuff like this. That would make for an even more amazing story if the ex-staff came forward with a more complete game that the one turf found. I think the 2nd coolest out-of-nowhere arcade discovery I heard about was the guy who did Sega's Wonder Boy / Monster World series had some...
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    FS: CPS3/CPSIII JoJo 1 Boxed Set

    More photos of the box (8 photo limit in 1st post): -ud
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    FS: CPS3/CPSIII JoJo 1 Boxed Set

    Up for grabs is my JoJo 1 kit. I've had this for a long time, but looking back, I really only played it much when I first got it, so I'd rather put the value elsewhere in my collection: After taking some photos I realized I hadn't put the white plastic bubble back on the PCB...
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    Mistu's... CPS2 Multikit Tech Support page... Drama fr33 pls..

    You didn't know about this trick? I've quit soldering things altogether. I just turn everything upside down! :D (just kidding) -ud
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    Lol, both you guys broad-brushing the entire thread in opposite directions. -ud
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    VIDEO ADDED! - I'm Making a JAMMA Compatible Arcade Shooter - Come Play It for Free!

    I'm more pumped for this than any other upcoming game on any other system :D -ud
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    I think that's the most viable perspective for this project. There's no divorcing this game from Metal Slug, so rather than say "oh, no guys, this isn't Metal Slug," embrace it but make it special in your own way. The new video shows it's going in a nice direction, but be careful with...
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    IC: Hyper Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition, Black CPS2 board

    What's funny is that before STV was in the business of royally jacking people over, I bought a bunch of stuff from him including 2 SSFIIX boards for very fair prices. Dude probably crying himself to sleep at night over those babies. -ud
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    IC: Hyper Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition, Black CPS2 board

    At the moment there is a glut of them on the JP market. Seems to be in the $300 area over the last few months. I think it's just many people don't want the all-in-ones. I can't tell if you are joking or not. Fact is they were released in cart form, too. I just sold/traded a mask ROM cart to...
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    Darksoft's CPS3 SuperBios Cart conversion service(MuLtI-GaMe)+Standard SH2 cart conversion

    Sweet, thanks! So looking forward to playing with this and my CPS2 multi! :D -ud