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Dec 12, 2003
It showed up 2021 right before Christmas. I am still waiting for my grand stick III. I just got an update that they are catching up soon. Crazy disorganized but the game is staggeringly good. Huge and a ton of Easter Eggs as well as the best use of the Genesis color pallete I have ever seen.

I sold my copy - genuinely good game but not for the money it demands. Also, the way it was handled was so retarded.


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Apr 11, 2010
Pay Pal froze all their funds and they are digging out.

I understand but ghosting people isn’t the answer, either. Not like I email every month. More like once a year. I also bought the stick and the game so I’m out a hefty chunk of change.

I don’t even live at the same address as when I ordered it and I’ve been here in this house three years lol. So if it’s shipped I won’t even know it.


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Sep 1, 2001
Oh look a relevant post in this 'post your recent purchases' in the neo discussion section...


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Jul 15, 2015
Someone’s ex girlfriend was mad and sold her old beaus PS4 for a song.
I got a bunch of Sega stuff that way about a dozen years ago or so. I was out of town on business, and I stopped in some game shop at a mall there. I recall the prices were all outrageous, so I didnt buy anything from them, but a young woman came into the shop with a box of stuff to sell them. It was a model 2 Genesis with a 32x, all the hookups, 3 or 4 controllers and about 30-40 games. No major bangers, but some good ones, it wasn't a bunch of sports. The dude at the counter barely even looked at it, and offered her $40. Even in 2009/10 or whatever it was, this was still several hundred dollars worth of stuff. The woman was like, "really? I thought it was worth a lot more than that." And he's like, "take it or leave it." At that point, I stepped in and told her he was lowballing her and I'd give her $100 for it. She happily accepted, and the guy got pissed off and told me I wasn't allowed to shop there anymore. But like I said, I was out of town anyway, and he was a dick.

Now, I'm pro-small business, and I understand they need to make a profit and everything. But this shop's prices were all like 25% more than ebay prices, and the dude at the counter was rude. So I said screw it and made this woman much happier, and I ended up doing a bit of legwork and selling off the consoles on one of the forums or somewhere for about what I paid for the lot. And I ended up with about 20 or so games that I didn't already have for my collection. So it was a good deal for both of us.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot. Your quote is what triggered this memory in the first place, because she told me that her boyfriend cheated on her, and she wanted "all of his shit out of my house." Haha