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    Nintendo Switch

    Didn't know I wanted this, that would be awesome! In the meantime you can play it via emulation if your Switch is hacked
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    Akihabara : A Japanese style bar/arcade

    Awesome! The arcade spirit lives on :buttrock:
  3. alphagamer HUST keuch HUST

    Naja, es ist Brasilien, allein durch die absolut unverschämten Importsteuern ist alles in Brasilien doppelt so teuer. Und beinahe unmöglich aufzutreiben.
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    Fidel is dead

    Very low Fidelity in this thread the last few posts...
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    sum up the member that posted before you in one phrase/slogan

    The first fungus with an academic title. Also the propaganda minister of
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    NEO GEO MVS KIT pricesing

    They will probably sell for a little less than you want for them, and a little more than most buyers want to pay. Seriously, we need a more well maintained priceguide, folks!
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    Fidel is dead

    The US tried to assassinate him time and time again, but 2016 finished the job.
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    Retro Game Bubble - Will it grow, decline, or finally pop?

    If it pops, I am going to buy up all that stuff I ever dreamed of. If not, I have a nice retirement fund. Either way, sweeeet.
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    Wie viele Spiele habt ihr dieses Jahr gekauft?

    Nur eine Hand voll Sachen die mir noch fehlten. Magician Lord für's MVS* Shock Troopers version B *ich zahl doch keine dreistelligen Summen für nen 'common' Titel, Geduld zahlt sich immer aus!
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    Idyllische Autobahnstellen

    Nichts, das Game bockt gut.
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    Idyllische Autobahnstellen

    Ein neues Neo Geo Rennspiel, das wär's... ob die beiden Hannoveraner das hinbekommen würden?
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    Do you go outside every day?

    I am very prone to cabin fever, I need to go outside at least once a day.
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    Happy Birthday ratson!

    Have a good one (you old geezer) :D
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    Best way to clean an MVS

    Isopropyl + a soft brush.
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    Do you work your ass off?

    I am German, got to live up to the stereotype...