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    Car enthusiasts: What kind of people does your vehicle get attention from?

    2014 C63... Just men, car enthusiast.
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    Microsoft acquires ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda Softworks

    Its really good news for me, I already use GamePass Ultimate and been playing ESO since this corona started. For some reason I always prefer to use the Xbox in games that have been PC based before.
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    Palantir finally files for IPO

    Am interested,, keep us posted..
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    Neo Geo Mini $29.99 on Amazon

    Great price...
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    Happy 37th birthday to RAZO

    Happy Belated Bday!!!!
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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

    The Gears of War 5 Xbox X at $349 was a good deal, too bad I already have mine,, I only got a few memory cards and external HDDs for work.
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    Limited Run Games - Fu'un Super Combo

    Games are great,, Limited Run is all about flippers, everything gets bought up quick and right back on sale in Ebay.
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    Limited Run Games - Fu'un Super Combo

    Loved by flippers that is..
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    The struggle to not cash in on Neo Geo AES consoles and games..

    Everdrives, NeoSD, Emulation via Mini consoles have made it easier to sell off a collection. I still have mine but mostly game using everdrives or Emulation for the classics.
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    Sale... NeoSD AES

    Selling NeoSD for AES. Comes with 32gb card loaded. Bought straight from Terraonion. Am using my SD for MVS more, works perfectly. Off the market for now..
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    Mutation's arcade collection

    you had me at Lindbergh... nice collection
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    Welcome to Full set US and Japanese MVS KIT

    awesome,, congrats!!
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    [FS] Samurai Shodown V Special Fixed USA

    I would value a fixed ssvs at half an unfixed..