New Star Wars stuff announced


Gal Ageise's Demon
Mar 22, 2016
I bet you $10 Omega ends up being force sensitive.
It's pretty telegraphed that this will be the case. There's a lot of evidence to to it, like the Empire 'recruiting' Lama Su, destroying the Cloning Facility on Kamino so they can be the only ones with any knowledge on cloning. The lady that greeted Lama Su has the same Cloning Guild patch on her arm that the Doctor did in Mando season 1, and they've said several times that Omega was special, and that the 99 clones were made for a specific purpose, rather than having been rejects as "the bad batch." They were meant to be special, and so is Omega/Boba.

I'm pretty sure they're trying to fix how Rise of Shitwalker brought back the Emperor in such a retarded way. And it will tie into the reason the remnants of the Empire were after Grogu.

It's so fucking pathetic that the lower budget TV shows are having to fix 6 prequels' and sequels' worth of garbage writing/story. Thankfully, Filoni and Favreau have been doing a bang up job on it.


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Sep 18, 2007
Star Wars Visions, the 10 episode non-canon anime anthology from various different studios, is up on Disney+ in its entirety. I haven't checked it out yet.