Working Designs games plus other stuff.


, What The Fuck Is This Shit?
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May 10, 2004
Selling these Working Designs games plus some other stuff.
Prices are pretty firm. NO TRADES.
Check/Money order is fine but you have to wait till they clear.
Ill take PayPal +the 5% as well.
If you want more specific pictures message me.
Prices include USPS priority shipping, if you want something else its extra.
North America only.

Lets start this show...

Others DC SCD SS.jpg
Record of Lodoss War DC - $80
Skies of Arcadia DC - $140
Guardian Heroes SS Disk only - $100 - Pending - SOLD!
Dragon Force SS Disk only - $140
Vay SCD Disk only - $110

Iron storm SS.jpg
Iron Storm SS - $85 -PENDING-SOLD
Registration card

Albert Odyssey SS.jpg
Albert Odyssey SS - $345
No registration card

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete PSX - $155

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete PSX - $285

Lunar SCD.jpg
Lunar The Silver Star SCD - $175 $170
No registration card, manual cover is free from the rest of the interior :-(

Lunar2 SCD.jpg
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue SCD - $415
No registration card

These are NOT listed anywhere else right now.
I'd rather give my Neo-Geo fam the first shot.
Again, NO TRADES at this time.
Thank you for taking the time to have a look.

Shipping is to north America only for now.
Sorry euro guys.
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