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    RGB bypass mod problem

    Sounds like you have bad connections or something is shorting out, check your wires/resistors and make sure that they are carefully routed and that the connections are well soldered.
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    SCART RGB multi cables

    There isn't really such a thing I don't think. Most systems require resistors and capacitors of specific values to that system to give the best picture quality due to different levels of RGB.
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    RGB bypass mod

    When you say distortion, do you mean wavy interference? or vertical white lines? Same with RGB, is it actual distortion - wavy interference? If it's just vertical white lines then RGB bypass should solve the problem. If it is the picture that's appearing wavy, unfortunately you need to find...
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    TMNT RAM ROM check

    Here is a link to where you can find a picture of the PCB in a clean and presumably working state. Looks like all your socketed chips are in the correct locations.
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    TMNT RAM ROM check

    To check if the socketed ICs are in the correct locations, just look on eBay / internet for a picture of "TMNT PCB" in a decent resolution, and compare to your PCB. Probably the easiest way tbh, that's what I've done with a couple of boards before. Storage wise I keep a fully working board in...
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    TMNT RAM ROM check

    It is common for socketed chips to work their way out so that may well be the problem - hence the first thing you should try :) I have a spare Konami board here that needs fixing - likely very similar to the TMNT one with regards to ICs, parts etc, so the board you have would be useful to me...
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    TMNT RAM ROM check

    If you want to post a pic you can just upload it to somewhere like Just go on there.. click "Browse...", then point it to where the image is stored on your computer, and then click "host it!". When it is done it will show the picture with links to it underneath, you...
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    TMNT RAM ROM check

    Got a picture of the check having run? Try gently but firmly pushing on the top of socketed chips. If it's corrupt ROMs you can verify using MAME set. TMNT is a quality game. If you decide to get rid of it let me know.
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    Got a XRGB2+, but now need a Scart adapter to convert from JPN to Euro any ideas?

    Hi mate. Replied to your PM :) One you saw on eBay may have been mine? I did put one on a few weeks ago, since then I made a few more but haven't yet listed any more since eBay made all those silly changes to the fees etc. Cheers :)
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    Got a XRGB2+, but now need a Scart adapter to convert from JPN to Euro any ideas?

    Hi Anthony, I have plenty of these adapters in stock for immediate dispatch. Here is a picture, they are custom made: My website is Are you the same Anthony from Digital Press? Regards, James.
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    How to replace a SNES/NES/Gameboy battery?

    Yes you can get them with solder tags on but you'll likely have to buy them online I would think as local shops don't tend to stock that variety. You can scratch the surface of the battery, rough it up with a file if it is just a regular battery without tags and then solder should stick however...
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    Neo Geo AES on a Flatscreen TV

    I want a Hantarex monitor for this very reason.. but due to lack of space I am stuck with a 14" Bush.. (har har :)) Here is a picture of an AES with RGB bypass running on my Samsung 32" LCD HDTV via RGB SCART. The picture quality is bad and part of the screen wobbles, presumably due to the...
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    Saturn RGB

    The third-party RGB SCART cables never have a wire attached to every pin on the mini-DIN connector. The mini-DIN connectors they use are also moulded, which means they can't be rewired. There are a couple of different wiring schemas I've seen, one of them doesn't work on Japanese Sega Saturns...
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    Is it possible...

    Is the Turbo Duo DC plug the same size as the Japanese Duo DC plug? If so I have some.. They are solder type, so you would have to cut the DC plug off the PSU, and solder this one on..
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    Different AES AV Cords?

    Yeah, the top two pins are offset by a few degrees, thats why its difficult putting a 8 pin Megadrive/Genesis connector in Neo Geo or vice versa.. The 5 pin connectors don't really have that problem because they don't have the top two offset pins, the arrangement between Megadrive/Genesis and...