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    First cart you ever owned

    I bought a poorly converted cab with a one slot and it came with 6 games, Metal Slug, Metal SLug 2, Kof 94, Kof 96, & boots of Puzzle Bobble & Super Dodge Ball. Eventually sold that cab back to the guy I bought it from and gave him back only Puzzle Bobble & gifted Super Dodgeball to my brother.
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    Neo-Geo Big Red 4 Slot Fuse type?

    I have a Big Red, that was hacked up into a CarnEvil and I'm re-converting back to a MVS. I noticed that the fuses have been removed and they soldered a wire in place of the fuses. I want to remove the wires and place fuses back into the machine. I have no idea what the values of the fuses need...
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    What arcade stick do you own?

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    Unibios Help on a ChipMax2

    I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out but it looks like I hit a wall. I don't know why I keep getting program errors and at this point, I'm certain I'm doing something wrong. I was working with a Toshiba TC571024D eprom and I purchased two AMD AM27C1024 eproms. I keep getting load...
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    Who else has gone back to consumer crts?

    Oh I'm not knocking it. I have the Turbo Duo connected via S-Video and the image is amazing. My only problem with the Commodore 1702 is that my co-worker gave it to me and it was up in his attic for years; years in the Vegas heat so I know the caps are weak and needs to be replaced because...
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    CPS3 Cart Recovery.

    So who is the safe go to guy around here that I can send a dead CPS3 cart in for resurrection?
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    Favorite Joystick to Play With

    My sticks aren't nearly as nice as MCF 76 but I think I got the job done. I guess I just don't have the patience. I needed to add an overlay onto this stick because I goofed when drilling my joystick holes. So this stick needed to be bondo'ed and painted. Looks a lot better than before.
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    Favorite Joystick to Play With

    Okay, after playing around with this casing, I see what you mean. I might have to go with your route with the low connector and build a separate bracket to mount it into the case. So far I have the joystick mounted and I recessed the four bolts with my uni-bit. I'm not sure if I would want to...
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    WTB: Art of Fighting 3

    I use to own it but now I don't. I must have sold it. Now I want it back. If you have one for a reasonable price, I'll gladly take it off your hands. Oh yeah... MVS
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    WTB: Last Resort MVS

    I'm looking for a legit copy of Last Resort in decent condition.
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    Post a Pic of your CMVS, AES or Neo CD............

    I had an extra 4 slot laying around so I decided to mod it so I can carry it around. I placed the power switch in the front of the CMVS seeing how it didn't make any sense to me to have in placed in the back of the board. I took the CMVS to work and had my coworkers test it out. Lunch...
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    Hori fightstick 1 worth restoring?

    I bought my Hori Fight Stick II it was disgusting. The joystick was super loose and the metal plate was rusted and ugly. So I just replaced all the buttons and the joysticks, then sanded down the metal plate and had one of my painters give it a few coats of automotive paint. I sacrificed an...
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    MV4FT2 Audio Issues with CMVS.

    One problem, I don't think this board actually has a headphone jack. I was able to get sound from the speaker slider, but it is real faint, causing me to raise the volume on my tv to hear at a reasonable level. Also, I found the YM2610 chip but I am unable to locate the LM7805 chip. :confused:
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    MV4FT2 Audio Issues with CMVS.

    (The wires are NOT connected in this photo) I had the audio wire connecting to the PCB soldering points off of the L & 10 pins. Then I soldered the wired directly onto the jamma connector. Still nada. I am sharing the ground off of my power supply. Should I actually run wires from Pin 11...
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    MV4FT2 Audio Issues with CMVS.

    I'm converting my MV4FT2 and I have a beautiful picture but no audio... I am sharing ground across my component and audio. Is this the issue? Any suggestions?