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    New England

    No I never did. I ended up moving away for awhile but just recently moved back.
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    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    Checking in. Been a long time.
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    New England

    What up?
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    u5000 Neck Board?

    Anyone know where I could get one of these for a MK2 machine?
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    anyone here work alot of overtime?

    Mandatory day of overtime average of once or twice a month, nothing too serious.
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    Valve announces SteamOS

    I'm curious about the controller after reading the Meat Boy creator's take.c
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    Career Thread: Whats your job?

    Air Traffic Control
  8. Lashujin Beer Thread/Beer Discussion

    I agree. Beer is good, but nothing near to the hype. I think it's mostly because it's tough to get a hold of. My family is all in Pittsburgh, I can always bring some VT product down there.
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    Best choice of an HDTV these days. I have been out of the loop.

    Panasonic Viera series plasmas. Best sets on the market atm. Got my 55" for 900. The UT50 if the room has little light, the ST50 if it's a well lit room.
  10. Lashujin Beer Thread/Beer Discussion

    Went up to Hill Farmstead the other day bought these:
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    So, I ordered the Wii U, did U? NOW WITH FAULT REPORT (See Post No.)

    Been messing with tvii it's kinda cool.
  12. Lashujin Beer Thread/Beer Discussion

    Agreed. I also like their porter, it's a solid effort.
  13. Lashujin Beer Thread/Beer Discussion

    Had some Hill Farmstead/Alchemist Walden. Very good light/drinkable but still complex in aroma and flavor. These two breweries never let me down besides maybe the alchemist's gluten free saison that is all over town, I think it's kinda gross, but then again I've never had a gluten free beer that...
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    Anything to Do Near Albany?

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    New England

    I could make it down to MASS no problem, just need to plan ahead. You guys got anything in the works?