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    Neo Candy Club

    I appreciate all the feedback. Guy came back from vacation (was gone over a week) and sold it to someone else pretty much immediately, so I guess it wasn't meant to be. Guess that leaves me with Ken in Utah as very few candies make it to the Midwest.
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    Neo Candy Club

    No worries. I completely appreciate your honest review of the cab. Sent you a PM.
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    Neo Candy Club

    @daskrabs…..TYVM for the feedback. Guess I'll have to check the sticks that are in there. Good to hear you haven't had any major issues with this cab.
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    Neo Candy Club

    I've been out of the arcade scene for a few years, but may be getting back into it soon with a Super Neo 29 Candy. For anyone that owns one I have a few questions I'd appreciate if you could help me out on... -What type of joystick can be in these cabs? Just wondering what would be a...
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    I need to buy this. I bought The War Z, now Infestation think that's it, all because they billed as being DayZ...But now that the real deal is here, might as well give it a go... Also if you like survival zombie games, I can't recommend enough State of Decay (have it on PC and...
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    my work's new gameroom

    Where did that M. Bison come from?
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    Astro City Club

    who the fuck is blackbawx and why does he have so much sand in his va-jay-jay? Acting like some kind of FBI psychological profiler...That has to be dvdexploiter....The wall of text, level of craziness, and being a recent pissy forum visitor all seems to label him as a suspect, but then again it...
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    Best home arcade setup ever?

    Well he's got a lot of money. Okay, so he's rich...But on the flipside he did decide to use that money to buy a ton of cabs and I have to respect that. It'd be nearly exactly what I'd do if I had a ton of money to burn. I was watching the video initially not impressed saying to myself, "big...
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    Nintendo Red Tent Questions

    I agree...I'm not losing any sleep over does your Red Tent have the official replacement swap for the PC-10? With the led timer? I saw a scan of the instructions on how to do the official swap and it looked complicated, but having a Red Tent with a PC-10 inside of it would easily...
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    Nintendo Red Tent Questions

    I appreciate all the responses..Ultimately this deal, even to see it, fell through..The guy wrote me back saying, "Yeah, there is a guy ahead of you. He finally started to respond to my emails and he may buy this as part of a larger purchase so if that falls through, you're next." At this...
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    WTB: Original Arcade game marquees (plexiglass type)

    Messages replied to. I'm new to collecting these things so I'm just trying to build a collection..Hopefully we can work something out.
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    WTB: Original Arcade game marquees (plexiglass type)

    Just like the thread title says, I'd like to pick up some original arcade marquees-the thicker/plexiglass type. They don't have to be in perfect condition, but at least nice condition in their original size (no significant fading or major cosmetic problems). While I don't have a cab at the...
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    Nintendo Red Tent Questions

    Thanks everyone for the info. This is a major help. Unfortunately this past weekend the guy who has it said he was having family in town, so he couldn't show it to me. But on the flipside, I think it's good he's not rushing to sell it. On the positive, he wrote me today saying he decided to...
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    October and it's not Splatterhouse...How can this be?