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    Michelle Jenneke dances around in your imagination all day...

    This thread was derailed and now is worthless. Type in Michelle Jenneke on youtube to find the vid.
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    It's 2012, all your video games are nearly worthless pieces of paper and plastic and fond memories. These past few months I've been selling everything, and getting the best prices I can, so I have a good idea of the market value of these classic games is. We're talking $5 Shenmues, we're...
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    I'm selling everything guys. That's it I'm out. Hold onto your butts this is going to get nutty. Enjoy:
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    THE END OF THE WORLD SALE - 100+ Massive eBay Auctions - 3 days - The Greatest of ALL TIME

    Hey guys this is it. This is the big one. I'm selling everything that's not boarded down, and heading for the hills. I'm out. Enjoy the fruits of 20 years of Hardcore collecting that has earned me a strong reputation worldwide with SPOTLESS feedback over Thousands of Transactions over...
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    Here is my Sega Saturn Collection: I need money for Rent. Here is my Entire Sega Saturn Collection. I've tallied what I put into it and it's roughly $1200 including the ludicrous shipping I had to endure to get some of these games to the states. I figure I'll take a page out of Steam's book...
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    2011 - GAME OF THE YEAR

    With November's onslaught of releases like Zelda, Saints Row, and Modern Warfare upon us I think now is a great time to speculate on what the best game of 2011 has been or to cast an early vote. The Nominees: (In No Particular Order) Rage Batman Arkham City Saints Row The Third Deus Ex...
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    BATTLEFIELD 3 - Launch Thread [10.25.11]

    Well the day is finally here, Amazon told me they shipped my copy of Battlefield 3. Still reeling after Batman, but this game really does seem like a landmark, pivotal generation change. So, where did you pre-order, what bonuses? What console, and the big one, Did you build a rig to play it or...
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    Camping is a real issue in Battlefield 3.

    Let's see how it is in the actual release. In the meantime enjoy this great vid that just popped up on Kotaku.
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    Batman Arkham City (10.18.11)

    So the game drops on Tuesday, a dedicated thread is probably in order. Looks like it's the greatest superhero game of all time? Perhaps? Where did you pre-order? What did you get? What Console? I have the pre-order coming from Amazon with $10 off, and plan on buying any addons I can second...
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    Kid sees Empire for the first time. EPIC NOSTALGIA

    Such a good moment. I remember feeling the exact same way.
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    Arino from GameCenter CX plays Steel Battalion on FujiTV's private movie screen!

    AMAZING. I'm sure this has been in other threads, but for those who haven't seen this.... MAN! I am Jealous! Also I've never played steel battalion so it's really cool to see it experienced through Arino's childlike wonder. (He loves washing the windows! lol)
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    PRICE DROP! - World Class Sega Saturn Collection $700 Shipped - Lot - Until 10/6/11

    So I am going to try and make a few bucks to put towards a High end gaming rig to play the new games like a boss. Here is my Entire Sega Saturn Collection. I've tallied what I put into it and it's roughly $1200 including the ludicrous shipping I had to endure to get some of these games to the...
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    Stephen King writes sequel to "The Shining" - Dr. Sleep

    Focuses as Danny as a traumatized 40 year old orderly who helps dying patients go over to the other side with his powers. Will Tony make an appearance? Because of his psychic powers Danny is tormented by a roving gang of Vampires...
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    OnLive is the New Dreamcast

    A ultra powerful cheap web centric device well ahead of it's time perhaps doomed to fail. Hell even the controller owes it's evolution to the DC's pad. I have already made a post about OnLive, but it's really been growing on me. In fact it's one of my favorite things I own. (Note to TRY it is...
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    The Ultimate CATFIGHT! (Wrasslin) - Yuzuki Aikawa Vs. Yoshiko

    Saw her mentioned on Kotaku so I decided to check her out.... JESUS CHRIST!!!! look at the stuff they do!!! Kicking of breasts, pulling of hair. I know wrestling is "fake"/Predetermined, but look at this stuff, some of it there just is no faking! It's the IRL "Rumble Roses" Fight starts at...