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    Target's got a good video game deal right now..

    I don't know if somebody already posted this or not, but now through 06/22 online only, if you pre-order select games, you can get 30% off another game. If you have a Target Red Card, then you get another 5% off on top of the 30%. I pre-ordered Samurai Shodown (PS4), Psyvariar Delta (Switch)...
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    NeoGeoX Hacking and Mods

    I've played for hours docked with the control stick, and undocked with the handheld, and I didn't feel that there were any lag issues. I'm no expert, but like most of us here, I've played so many different iterations of these games, that if the controls felt seriously off, I would notice...
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    Android and Linux Handhelds - Shield, GCW Zero, GP2X, Pandora, Pyra, JXD, etc.

    I've got 2 JXD S7800b's one of them I just did a factory reset because it was glitching\bugging out. After I did the factory reset the language went from English, to another language (Dutch maybe?). I can't find the option\setting to change it back to English. Can anybody enlighten me on how to...
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    NeoGeoX Hacking and Mods

    When playing via HDMI, left and right channels are reversed. When you use the composite option it's correct. I suggest using an HDMI to Composite Converter. I bought 2 of them on clearance at Walmart for $11.16. If you're playing on a CRT, this greatly improves the picture quality when...
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    Neo Geo X prices seem to already be going up

    I agree. It didn't live up to it's hype. Once I got over the fact that it wasn't going to be what I expected it to be. I looked at what we got, and focused on the things about the unit that I liked. $199.99 msrp would have been acceptable if it had delivered. I believe with a better lcd...
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    Neo Geo X prices seem to already be going up

    The Neo-Geo X has some wildly varied opinions. I can't remember a system having as such. Most people here say it's trash. Some say it's mediocre, could've been executed better. Some say it's good. I bought mine with the Mega-Pack back in November or December 2013. I was excited about the...
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    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    Checked in.
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    Fuck Yeah Vita!

    I'm been playing/buying PS Vita stuff like crazy the last 60 days or so. Bought a pre-owned OLED model back in March 2016 for $110, and only played it sparingly (My other systems had most of my time/attention). Lately most of my gaming time is dedicated to the Vita. In the past 3 weeks I've...
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    New scientific study say video games cause depression, anxiety, social disorders, ect.

    What's up everybody. I've been gone for awhile now. I just saw this news report a couple of days ago on tv. I also looked it up on the internet. The findings say that video game playing causes depression, anxiety, increased impulsivity, lack of empathy, social disorders, ect. And that these...
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    You ever fooled around with a married person?

    I needed to see this. I'm in a similar situation right now. But to answer the post. I've dated a married woman before. Never had sex with one though. I knew and worked with the wife before she married her then boyfriend/babies father. 8 years later her husband got hired at my job for about...
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    SHANK - new beat'em up

    Reminds me of the Viewtiful Joe Games. Or to take it even further back Ninja Warriors Again on the SNES and Comix Zone on the Genesis.
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    Broken Neo Geo CD

    Thank God I found this before I went to take my NeoCD to a Electronics Repair Shop! Took me 10 minutes (if that), and my NeoCD works flawlessly now. After I did the laser adjustment I played it all day, and into the late night! Good Times Man.
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    Have you ever...

    imagined that your significant other was someone else while having sex with them? And do you think that that's cheating? The topic of the night on my local hip-hop and R&B station (Power99 for all you Philly, South Jersey, Delaware heads) last night was the above mentioned. I called in to...
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    Ninja Master's...good stuff

    Heres some vids of the PS2 ADK Tamahsii Compilation. It looks like there's a music option, and the graphics are from the MVS/AES version. The price is $60 right now. It should go down to...