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    Target's got a good video game deal right now..

    I don't know if somebody already posted this or not, but now through 06/22 online only, if you pre-order select games, you can get 30% off another game. If you have a Target Red Card, then you get another 5% off on top of the 30%. I pre-ordered Samurai Shodown (PS4), Psyvariar Delta (Switch)...
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    New scientific study say video games cause depression, anxiety, social disorders, ect.

    What's up everybody. I've been gone for awhile now. I just saw this news report a couple of days ago on tv. I also looked it up on the internet. The findings say that video game playing causes depression, anxiety, increased impulsivity, lack of empathy, social disorders, ect. And that these...
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    Have you ever...

    imagined that your significant other was someone else while having sex with them? And do you think that that's cheating? The topic of the night on my local hip-hop and R&B station (Power99 for all you Philly, South Jersey, Delaware heads) last night was the above mentioned. I called in to...
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    ? about Super Street Fighter 2X for the Dreamcast.

    I've read online that to unlock the hidden Dip Switch Menu, you have to beat the game with the Turbo, and Super Version of all characters. Then highlight options, and hold down the Y button, and press Start. I did this, but nothing happens when I highlight options, hold Y, and press start...
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    Which do you prefer? Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix or The OG CPS2 version?

    I prefer the Original CPS2 version of this game. I don't like the most of the tweaks to the backgrounds, the new character models are "meh" (imo). The AI seems to be more challenging in the OG CPS2 version (imo). That being said, I do like the fact that they gave Guile back his CPS1 voice...
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    ? For people in their late 20's & 30's...

    Are any of you that are single/never been married, with no kids, constantly being hounded/pressured by your family and married with child(ren) friends to get married and have kids? I turned 30 in March and for the past 5 years or so, my family and friends who are married with child(ren) have...
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    ? for those that live, or have lived in Arizona.

    I've lived in Phila. and South New Jersey all my life, and I feel like I need a change of atmosphere. I've met some people who have lived in Arizona, and have heard mostly good things. My cousin moved to Arizona a few years ago from Phila. and still lives there. I'm seriously considering...
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    Gen X'ers (born 1965-1980) What's your opinion about our place in society?

    I read this (,8599,1731528,00.html) and it got me thinking about our Generation. Are we the quiet, skeptical, cynnical, underachieving, forgotten generation, between the Baby-Boomers, and Generation-Y/Millennials? Or are we just doing are thing on the...
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    Martial Arts Fans, The new Power Rangers BANGS!

    I remember when the Power Rangers first aired in the fall of '92. I liked the first 3 seasons, but after that the quality just kept getting worse, season after season. I had by chance, the oppurtunity to see the first episode of the new season of Power Rangers, called Power Rangers Jungle...
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    Wanted: Marvel Super Heroes PS1

    I'm looking for Marvel Super Heroes for the Playstation 1. Either Complete, or with the game and Instructions book.
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    Which one of the Capcom & Marvel "Vs." Games did you like the LEAST?

    Recently, all I've been playing is the Capcom & Marvel "Vs." series of games. All these games are incredibly fun. I know that most (including myself) think that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is the best. I'm curious to see which one you enjoyed the least. For me it's Marvel vs Capcom 1, I like the...
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    WANTED: Gampro Magazine 8/2000 & 9/2000

    Anybody got the August and September 2000 issues of Gamepro they're willing to sell me?
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    God Bless the creators of the Game Dr.!

    So, I bought Marvel vs Capcom 1 for the Dreamcast off Ebay. The description said that the game works. Good enough for me. It comes in the mail, and was horribly scratched. I thought to myself, "My 4 year old Game Dr. aint gonna correct this. I better get it done at one of the places I...
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    WANTED: Ninja Gaiden for the Atari Lynx

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    PSP 2200 "Stamina" Batteries are $22 at K-Mart!!

    For those of you who still have the original PSP battery, and don't want to pay the ridiculous $40-$50 for the 2200 mah one. Check your local K-Mart. I bought it 2 days ago, and got 8 hrs after charging it up. Even if you have the new PSP Slim. You could buy this battery, and order the...