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    rebuilding japan

    Is Japan seeking foreign trades yet / still? Obviously this disaster is still, and will be ongoing. I'd like to work there as a carpenter but searching the internet for jobs there is brutal. Anyone have any info ?
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    PSP mods , who does it ?

    Hey guys , my dad wants his psp modded , anyone gimmie a link or anyone here mod them lmk asap!
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    Games today suck....

    Is there anything fun to play ? I won't even bother asking for fun co-op (I hear GoW is fun , but donno) Seems all that there is , is old favorites via emulation :crying: Anyone else feeling games are shit these days ?
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    F/S my FFXI account.....

    Yep after 2 years I'm gonna retire. Jobs are : 62 whm / 42 blm / 46 drk / 38 war / 32 rdm / 17 mnk / 10 bst RANK 6 I have a flawless reputation , about 200k in gil , awesome gear and have all the expansions registered blah blah blah. So: account FFXI pc cdrom COP expansion cd rom ToA...
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    Any games like advance wars?

    I'd like to find something like advance wars but with multiplayer and be turn based , from what I've read "Shattered union" seems similar , any other suggestions ?
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    Windows Vista beta

    Anyone else running this ? Its pretty sweet so far , but I haven't tried any games yet.....
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    TV question....

    So, I have saved up some money for a new TV , and I'd like to get some kinda HDTV that I can hook up everything to , most importantly my computer. Basicly my question is, what should I be looking for? And will any TV's display my computer games / windows xp well? Or should I just have a nice...
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    FF7 & FF8 PC help

    Hey guys, thought I'd try and replay these gems on my new pc with AA on and shit , but not only can I not beef the graphics up , all the 2d stuff is fucked (wrong colored menus and backgounds) Any tips or how do the PSX emulators do these days (been outta the emu scene for years) ?
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    BF2 anyone?

    Hey guys my name in the game is Sir_Sn33kz , I play pretty much daily, so hope to meet up somewhere :)
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    best free antivirus?

    I have been an AVG supporter for a long time , but there is a virus that it won't remove, waht is another good one to try?
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    C&C Generals

    Hi guys , add me my handle is SirSn33kz I play all the time now.
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    Good single player PC rpg?

    Any suggestions guys? I need something new to play....
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    CO-OP pc games...

    Hey guys , besides SWAT4 what are some recent games that are good for coop play on pc?
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    Guild wars

    Hey guys , anyone want in my guild? Me and my roommate are level 10's and are having a tough time finding good members. anyways im "gawain of wraiths" and clan tag is [HELL] for hellsing hunters Nice cape designed my myself aswell , lol
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    :buttrock: :buttrock: Riotoftheblood. :buttrock: :buttrock: I have had many deals with tons of members here over the years, and this has gotta be the best seller I have dealt with, above and beyond with the whole process. Thanks.